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Corey Shannon, team leader and senior consultant of Ground Game Consulting and former Senior Administrator, Education and Employment Opportunities, Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), has almost 30 years of experience in the education and social service arenas.



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Corey Shannon’s Bio

In the education sector, he served as a special education teacher, assistant/associate principal and principal of several large therapeutic and alternative schools in Chicago. 

Corey has served as a regional trainer of trainers in the area of school climate and classroom management until he transitioned to DCFS in 2017. Over the past two years, he has developed relationships with hundreds of businesses across Illinois to provide youth in care with employment opportunities. In addition, he ensures that youth receive training and support to obtain and sustain employment and to positively transform their lives. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from Lincoln University, Master of Arts in Education from American International University and Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from Concordia University. 

Corey belongs to numerous associations and has received significant accolades, including the Banner Learning Leadership Award (2016), Banner Learning Excellence in Education Award (2013) and Austin Community Citation of Dedication of Vision in Building a Stronger School and Community. As a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., he sits on the fraternity’s Student Scholarship Committee and the board of Banner Learning LLC. From 2005 – 2017, Corey trained all Banner staff (eight schools) in the areas of CPI training and restorative practices. He recently started LFCS LLC, an employment training and placement firm, to continue his work with youth in care and other agencies. 

His firm provides training, consultation and program design to meet the unique needs of youth in care and ensure their success. Over the past 28 years, he has been able to educate and improve the lives of thousands of students. While working with the most challenged students in Chicago and across Illinois, Corey and his teams have been instrumental in meeting and exceeding performance indicators in all schools and in his role at DCFS. 

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