Establishing a Culture and Climate of Success Workshop

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All school improvement workshops and training are two – six hours in length and customized to meet the unique needs of the participants.

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All staff trainings consist of a half-day (three hours) or full-day (six hours) segment that lead to in depth understanding, skills and a plan of action that can be used for their success.


Customized On-Site Workshops and Training

We can send one of our trainers to your location for a workshop or training that focuses on your organization’s needs. We will help identify what issues you would like our skills training to address before the workshop/training takes place. We will customize exercises to specifically address your group’s issues so topics will resonate with staff experiences, thus increasing their involvement. 

Each of our workshops can be tailored to meet our client’s needs. In addition to considering organizational goals, culture, and size, Ground Game Consulting will assist in assessing and identifying what teams in your organization are lacking and how they might improve. With this information, our design team will customize a workshop, team-building training experience, or a high-impact retreat. Our experienced and highly educated facilitators will then deliver the material and concepts using hands-on, experiential activities, interactive discussions, and practice opportunities. Once the training is complete, we’re available to help participants sustain their newly acquired skills for the long-term success of the organization. We want to see our services work for our clients, and are committed to making that happen.

These offerings are for eight to 100 participants and can be scheduled to fit your calendar.

Workshop Description


Two – four hour session (based on organizational need)




$250 – $500

Creating schoolwide support for higher achievement is essential. Students need a nurturing environment where they feel secure about learning, where the goal is success for every student and where students are confident they will receive mentoring and encouragement to prepare for their futures. Many schools are reinventing themselves to motivate students to work harder and to take more responsibility for success. This highly interactive workshop is designed to create a successful climate for learning involving some key ingredients:

  • Leadership that is shared, understood and seen as fair is at the very heart of the school with an effective climate for learning.
  • Placing student responsibility at the heart of school policies.
  • Ensuring staff are seen as high profile exemplifications of the school’s behavior systems.
  • Building levels into school systems so that all staff take responsibility for managing behavior.
  • Keeping the learning climate positive and focused on praise.
  • Working with other agencies (but be careful that the school doesn’t start to take responsibility for areas outside its remit).

Participants will also develop a positive ethos of accountability to support outstanding teaching and learning requires that teachers:

  • Focus and structure their teaching in a clear and consistent way.
  • Actively engage learners in their learning from the start of every lesson.
  • Use assessment for learning to reinforce learning and support reflection and target-setting.
  • Have high expectations of each pupil’s effort and achievement.
  • Make the learning motivating and relevant to learners’ life experiences.
  • Create a settled and purposeful atmosphere.

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