Youth Development


Ground Game collaboratively works with partners to identify challenges and determine which workshop(s) /training(s) will best help your youth group. Our robust offerings consist of social emotional learning, anti-bullying, self-respect & conflict resolution, post-secondary pathways, job readiness and soft skills, life skills, financial literacy and parent advocacy.

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Youth development practices immersed in essential human needs are critical to creating impactful out-of-school time experiences.

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Curriculum and Program Design

Ground Game dives deep into your organization’s vision, mission, and values to establish clear program goals. Those goals set the foundation for a strong program design that infuses proven youth development best practices with innovative and engaging activities.

Conferences, Workshops, Special Events

Ground game integrates best practices in youth development to assure your event integrates authentic youth voice and encompasses the spirit of your organizations mission and vision.

Organizational Operations Consulting

Ground Game assesses all aspects of your organizations operations from staff culture to leadership and professional development needs. Great youth program legacies are built and sustained through skillful and innovative leadership. From smaller community based entities to larger youth serving corporations, Ground Game can engage with your organization to maximize staff performance.

Community Presence

Community exploration and connectivity are vital elements in youth development. Whether you are a newly formed organization or have been in existence for several years, Ground Game can work with your organization to identify key community assets whether realized or unrealized to create impactful opportunities for youth and staff development.

From Our President

Make Your Own Opportunities

Through our management and strategy consulting services, Ground Game will help you improve your business operations so you can focus on providing the highest quality services for your clients.

The bedrock of Ground Game Consulting is that we:  

  • Solve problems and achieve goals.
  • Look at the organization objectively to identify problems and provide solutions
  • Use special expertise to solve a specific problem or build out an opportunity
  • Supplement vacant positions or support work for existing staff