Anti-Bullying Training

WorkShop Components

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All student workshops are one hour in length and geared to students ages 10 – 21.  They expose students to the topic but do not go in depth on the topic. The cost of student workshops are $125 per hour.

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All student trainings consist of a series of 4 – 8 (one hour) workshops that lead students to in depth understanding, skills and a plan of action that can be used for their success.


Customized On-Site Workshops and Training

We can send one of our trainers to your location for a workshop or training that focuses on your organization’s needs. We will help identify what issues you would like our skills training to address before the workshop/training takes place. We will customize in-class exercises to specifically address your group’s issues so topics will resonate with youths’ experiences, thus increasing their involvement.

These workshops are for eight to 20 participants and can be scheduled to fit your calendar.

Workshop Description


16 (one hour) sessions


Youth ages 10-13 or 14-21


$2,000 (8 hrs. x $125 p/hr.)

Anti-Bullying training, which is divided into 8, 60-minute workshops for easy integration into classrooms, schools, residents, and programs. The workshops help students create a safe, inclusive, and accepting school.  Our training puts students in the driver’s seat to lead school-wide anti-bullying efforts.  We lead methods for teaching all students to move from bystanders to upstanders who speak up for themselves and others.  We facilitate tips for supporting students who are bullied, as well as populations often targeted their disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or perceived/realistic sexual identity.  We share approaches for helping students who bully learn empathy and change their behavior.    

By the end of the first session, participants will understand bullying and know how an exemplary member of the Program conducts himself or herself in and outside of school.  Six Pillars of Success Course (4 weeks: twice p/week for one hour): Students progress through multiple units in which they learn the six units and apply their

learning within and outside of school.  Through school projects, they will demonstrate to themselves, their peers and the school their mastery of the Six Pillars of Success.   Students are quizzed once per week and must demonstrate 80% mastery to move from unit to unit. Instructors provide direct instruction and instructional interventions to those experiencing difficulty.  Assessment: To assess and monitor growth in the course, students take weekly quizzes and complete a school project at the end of the four weeks. Six Pillars of Leadership Course: Students then begin the Six Pillars of Leadership Course (4 weeks (twice p/week for one hour). Students will be exposed to the six pillars of leadership.  Under the supervision of the Coordinator, students will identify and develop a project that improves a classroom or the school. Students will also participate in one fieldtrip (in Chicago) per semester.  Assessment: To assess and monitor growth, students are quizzed once per week and must demonstrate 80% mastery to move from unit to unit. Instructors provide direct instruction and instructional interventions to those experiencing difficulty. A final exam is administered at the end of the course.  Certificate of Completion: In order to earn the Certificate of Completion, students must meet the following criteria: 1) 80% program attendance, 2) pass both courses with 80% mastery, and 3) develop a Student Success Plan. Once students complete the program, a minimum of 60% will serve as mentors for younger (second and third grade) male students.

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