Self-Respect & Conflict Resolution Training

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All student workshops are one hour in length and geared to students ages 10 – 21.  They expose students to the topic but do not go in depth on the topic. The cost of student workshops are $125 per hour.

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All student trainings consist of a series of 4 – 8 (one hour) workshops that lead students to in depth understanding, skills and a plan of action that can be used for their success.


Customized On-Site Workshops and Training

We can send one of our trainers to your location for a workshop or training that focuses on your organization’s needs. We will help identify what issues you would like our skills training to address before the workshop/training takes place. We will customize in-class exercises to specifically address your group’s issues so topics will resonate with youths’ experiences, thus increasing their involvement.

These workshops are for eight to 20 participants and can be scheduled to fit your calendar.

Workshop Description


8 (one hour) sessions


Youth ages 10-13 or 14-21


$1,000 (8 hrs. x $125 p/hr.)

Self-Respect & Conflict Resolution is a training which is divided into 8, 60-minute workshops for easy integration into a life skills or similar program. The workshops include creative activities and exercises that appeal to youth. They also participate in role playing and other engaging activities that make it fun for them to learn self-respect and conflict resolution skills.

Workshops are designed for youth who are having difficulty taking responsibility for their lives or those having problems at school or strained relationships at home. These workshops provide young people with healthy alternatives to self-defeating coping mechanisms such as rebellion, retaliation, lying, running away, abusing drugs, etc.

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